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sejanus praetorian
Here's the short story that goes with this art work boy crux

My point is that the romans did crucify anyone they considered a rebel.

Regardless of age or gender.....

Saturnalia Crucifixion.

A crucim winter solstice story.212

By Sejanus of crucim.

It's a hot evening in the great city of Rome.

Two men sit in the Tavern drinking across a wooden table.

On the table are a couple of large wooden dildos.

One the men swills his beer, slams down the mug and picks up one of the wood carvings."

Made of olive-wood at least eight inches long it's been sanded mad smooth with a curved bend, into the shape of a stout circumcised cock…

"I see you've been busy working the wood Crixus.

Are these toys for the whore house? "

Crixus is slightly drunk.

He smiles at the remark and stares vacantly into the distance.

"No Marcus."

He picks up the other dildo and inspects his creation with loving hands, then belches and wipes spittle from his lips.

"These are for a couple of runaway slaves caught trying to buy a whore with stolen monies...

They have been sentenced to Crucifixion in the morning."

"The sentence "Ibis in crucem" has been pronounced by the magistrate and you know

What that means?"

Marcus is an army physician.
He and Crixus became friends serving in the roman army.
He takes a refined sip of wine.

"Yes I'm well aware of Roman law and the refinements of crucifixion now in vogue.

The magistrate has ordered them to ride an impale point affixed to the sedile.

It's a bit crude to order them to literally fuck themselves on the cross though...

Don't you think? "

Crixus is wary.

He knows that his friend's an informer for the local governor and in Rome; loyalties to employers take preference over friendship.

"Oh I don't know about that sir."

Even though slightly drunk, he keeps the conversation as formal as possible.
Marcus is a friend.

But he still outranks Crixus in the ranks of roman society.

"In the long run those sentenced to death by Rome get what they deserve.

As it's the feast of Saturnalia the magistrate has allowed the young scum to be crucified the public gardens, in a spectacle of erotica."

Marcus holds up his empty wine cup.

"So tell me Crixus how much do they pay you to be a Carnivex?

Is there a profit to be made in performing such a service as a public servant? "

Crixus takes the hint and orders another round.

He calls over the serving boy who looks wide eyed at the wooden dildos on the table.

They both laugh as he moves away to get their drinks.

A group of drunken legionnaires grab and grope at his short tunic and for a moment the small leopard skin posing pouch he wears.
It shows a respectable sized bulge for one of his age.

His smooth groin is tanned and hairless but for a few wisps of gold peeking out of the top of the pouch, which is a gift from an admirer.

Crixus frowns at the soldier as the boy slips out of reach.
He is reminded of the two who sit shackled and waiting in the holding cells.
They could be brothers of the serving boy.
But then again who knows?
With slaves birthdays are often forgotten.

After a couple more drinks the conversation becomes more businesslike.

"Crixus I have a business proposition for you…"
The carnivex is pleased the small talk is over.

"As you know I did my anatomical training in the city of Crucim, not far from Sephoris.

You know of it? "

Crixus nods.

"Crucim is a Roman military city.

It specializes in training Emperor Caligula's executioners.

Particularly in the specialized techniques used in crucifixion."



Marcus nods his head.

"It's the best place to train the military doctors as we have no shortage of bodies to study before, after and during slow death..."

His tone is matter of fact and business like.

He picks up one of the dildo's and looks closer at it.

"You can improve on the design by overlaying the shaft with a graduated leather binding,

Like this."

From his medical satchel that sits slung over the bench he pulls out a long strip of fine black leather.

Crixus recognizes it as a medical ligature to stop battle field wound bleeding.

Marcus winds it in a tight crisscross, binding from the base to the tip of the wooded dildo.

He passes it to Crixus to examine.

He feels the roughness of the crisscross leather and admires the symmetry.

"Take note that it's a lot thicker bind at the


Crixus nods.

"It makes the slave impale more slowly...

And they will not bleed out.

Particularly, if you grease it."

Crixus can't but help admire the innovation and Marcus continues…

"I guarantee they will hang rock hard, humping themselves on the blunt impale.
   For all to see…"

The serving boy returns with a tray holding a large clay pot of beer.

His small tunic is cut low at the shoulders.

As he bends forward to place the pot on the table, the tunic falls open at the side.

Marcus notes the colored leather braid that captures the youngster's skimpy pouch in place.

It arches up over sculpted hips and is tied off at the hips.

Side on he's almost naked.

At back a single strip of leather is wedged into his butt crack.

The boy sees the refinement to the dildo and draws his own conclusions.

He turns white faced and embarrassed to battle his way back to the bar.

Crixus and the physician watch him go.

" Err... you was saying, a business proposition?"

    Marcus breaks his reverie.

    "Oh yes.

     As I was saying.

I am soon to be de-mobbed from the military and I have been granted a contract from the emperor, to supply executioners and execution sites.

Crixus tries to end the conversation.

"I already have a…"

  Marcus holds up his hand.

"No wait Crixus hear me out.

As a private execution contractor you will make ten times as much as you do now."

Crixus grows quiet.

At the mention of more money he is all ears.

Marcus lowers his hand and his voice slightly.

He knows what he is doing.

It makes Crixus lean in and pay close attention to his words.

"Not only do we get a generous fee from the government for conducting the public spectacles but we can also charge voyeurs and other interested parties to perform specific requests in the manner of dispatch.

Particularly with crucifixion, as the variations are endless…

Crixus continues to listen as he drains his beer.

Marcus expands on the sales pitch.

"There is no shortage of runaways and rebels to be consigned to the cross.

Just think Crixus more gold for our coffers.

All in legitimate service to the Emperor..."

Marcus can almost see the wheels turning in Crixus's head.

"Yes I see the potential of your words Marcus.

So what do you want from me? "

I need help to source staff, select suitable execution sites and to ensure proceedings go as planned.

Consider this as a token of my sincerity."

He drops a purse of gold on the table.

The deal is sealed and they shake hands.

"Now, back to your present assignment,

I would like to observe your work scheduled on the morrow."

Crixus is all smiles.

Marcus is already making notes.

"How old are the criminals to be crucified?"

Crixus examines the dildo that Marcus has lagged.

"Hard to know.

Let's just say that they will not have to be shaved…"

Marcus feels a familiar stirring.

"Are they circumcised?"

Crixus sees the look.

It explains Marcus's avid interest in starting the new business venture

Crixus knows that Marcus is a voyeur.
Perverts are ten a penny in Rome.

But with the backing of a pervert emperor it also makes him a very powerful man.

Crixus puts on his best diplomatic voice.

I would appreciate your expert advice and perhaps assistance Dominae?

Marcus feigns surprise.

Crixus continues in a cordial manner.

"Perhaps you would like to assist in their preparation?

In seeing the matter done with any refinements you may wish to suggest? "

Marcus is pleased that they understand each other.

The heat is stifling as they wait for a Saturnalia parade to pass.

Masked men, women, boys and girls are dressed in skimpy costumes.

Garlands of flowers are worn and pan pipes play merry music in celebration of the erotic festival.
They dance and sing bawdy tunes as they crowd into the narrow street and head for the public gardens.

In the centre of the gardens two cross posts stand ready and waiting, for the crucifixions scheduled for midday tomorrow.  

A body guard escorts Marcus and Crixus as they pass.

"Are those for the culprits we are about to visit?"

"Yes Dominae, I think perhaps to fix their sediles with Rose thorns.
What do you think?

"Excellent idea."

Crixus smiles.

He knows how to please his new business partner.

"This way, it's not far to the prison.

Do you advise oil or grease on their pegs?

Behind them a fight has broken out in the tavern...

To be continued….


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My Lord Sejanus,
I have traveled lost for these many years hoping for some word of your presence still among your ardent followers. I am overwhelmed with joy that Crucim has returned, with your good self at its head. Please admit me into the company of your followers. I have read this installment and have a stirring in my loins stronger than any in recent memory, so like the old days.
In reading this, I will wondered what the two young men condemned to the excruciating pleasure of tomorrow's torments might suffer at the hands of the guards as the await sunrise.
Daniel-RM Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist
Thanks for the :+fav:!
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